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COVID-19 risks to global food security

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, trade-offs have emerged between the need to contain the viru

Empowerment in agricultural value chains: Mixed methods evidence from the Philippines

Women's participation and empowerment in value chains are goals of many development organizations

Global value chains and policy practice: The making of linkages in the Ivorian cashew industry

The global value chain framework has gained increasing prominence as a policy tool for resource-b

Food systems for sustainable development: Proposals for a profound four-part transformation

Evidence shows the importance of food systems for sustainable development: they are at the nexus

Policy-induced price distortions along the small ruminant value chains in Ethiopia



The purpose of this paper is to identify sources and quantifying di

Impact of traditional versus modern dairy value chains on food security: Evidence from India’s dairy sector

The Indian government has made significant efforts to promote dairy cooperatives to link the milk

Key issues in regional growth and integration in Southern Africa

The decade to 2015 saw rapid growth in trade between Southern African Development Community (SADC

Services in Thailand and Participation in Global Value Chains

This paper examines the services sector in Thailand with a focus on regional and global value cha

The Role of Trade Policies in Building Regional Value Chains - Some Preliminary Evidence From Africa

Regional value chains (RVCs) are considered as an important step towards greater integration into

Incomplete contracts and allocation of residual claim along the global value chains: evidence from Japan

The seminal work by Antras and Chor in 2013 predicted that, under incomplete-contracting environm

Mapping the Philippines in the Offshoring Services Global Value Chain

This paper aims to analyse the current position and potential for upgrading of the Philippines in

Heterogeneous incentives for innovation adoption: The price effect on segmented markets

It is now commonly accepted that poverty alleviation and the development of agricultural value ch

Coffee Value Chains on the Move: Evidence from Ethiopia

International coffee markets are changing quickly due to market liberalization, increasingly stri

Identification of production challenges and benefits using value chain mapping of egg food systems in Nairobi, Kenya

Commercial layer and indigenous chicken farming in Nairobi and associated activities in the egg v

Formal versus informal: Efficiency, inclusiveness and financing of dairy value chains in Indian Punjab

This paper highlights that 1) Both formal and informal value chains coexist in the dairy sector o