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Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 Time: 09:30 am - 11:00 am EDT

[Webinar] Why Inclusion Matters: Featuring Voices from the Field






    Inclusive development is smart development, as no country can realize its full potential without supporting all people to contribute to and benefit from the development of their countries. Inclusive Development Month on Agrilinks is wrapping up with with a webinar that will report on the most recent evidence on what inclusion means across varying contexts, why inclusion is so important to reaching our goals of reducing hunger and poverty, and hearing voices from the field regarding their own experiences on why inclusion matters.

    Agnes Qusiumbing will present IFPRI’s most recent 2020 Global Food Policy Report on Building Inclusive Food Systems, explaining why inclusion matters for improving development outcomes for all people. Maitreyi Das will highlight key messages from the recent World Bank report on Inclusion Matters in Africa, including research on the relationship between inclusion and poverty, and progress made that can be built upon to “leave no one behind.”

    These two presentations will be followed by a panel of "Voices from the Field,” reflecting on their experiences working on inclusion at the country level.

    We’ll welcome to the panel:

    • Betty Mugo, USAID/Kenya, Gender Advisor
    • Manju Tuladhar, USAID/Nepal, GESI Advisor
    • Gerson Morales, USAID/Guatemala, Project Management Specialist
    • Emmanuel Ndayizir, Co-founder, HoReCo (Horticulture in Reality Corporation), Rwanda